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We provide a tradition of Consulting and Engineering services of excellence that meet the expectations of our Clients and are recognized locally and internationally.

  • People
  • Environment
  • Time
  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Collaboration

No accidents, No harm to people and No damage to the environment.

PCDP LLC is fully committed to the beliefs that:

• Safety is our number one priority;
• All incidents are preventable on and off the job;
• Accountability for providing a safe workplace rests with each individual;
• Everyone has a responsibility to identify and manage hazards associated with their workplace;
• Legal obligations and industry benchmarks are our minimum standard for meeting health and safety requirements;
• Individuals will be trained and equipped to have the skills and resources to develop an incident-free workplace using risk management.


Our primary goal is  to be a forefront quality performance company in Mongolian construction market, through establishing, implement, keeping and continuously improving the best practices of quality management system in its Design Management, Project Management  and Construction activities.

PCDP Staff and Contractors shall regularly study and understand Clients’, Customers’, Consumers’ needs and requirements; and our products and services shall comply those needs and requirements and as well as laws, regulations, related codes and standards.

Services and products, complying with primary goal, shall be measured through following indicators of Quality Triangle meeting Client’s Expectation:

  • Performance shall comply with accepted codes and standards;
  • Competitive price;
  • Completed within the agreed timeline;

We demonstrate Ethics and Integrity in business practices and honor our Clients and Customers.
PCDP offers environmentally friendly, high quality and safe products and services at the highest level of standards that meet the expectations and needs of our Clients and Customers with an emphasis on the economic efficiency of investments.

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