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P roject management

We are Professional Project Management Company geared to providing best quality, low cost solutions for projects within our Area of Services and formed a team having skills and techniques required for such services, implemented best practices of project management process and teamwork standards.

We are regularly seeking best technologies, building Relationship with local and foreign Consultants, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors. 

C onstruction

We are qualified to manage and execute EPC contract works, as well as any part of construction activity and performing in-house RC, Steel erection, installation of HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems, Exterior and Interior finishing works.
As a part of Project management, we provide Construction management services to ensure contractors perform to the constraints of the programme and to the quality and HSE standards.

We plan the project in a comprehensive, professional and efficient manner, regularly monitoring as well as teaming up with the Contractor and Subcontractors on the construction site and we will provide a guaranteed and high quality service at the scheduled time.

D esign Engineering

We make every effort to develop a design in accordance with international and local standards and requirements; and to respect the wishes of the Client and value the for mutually beneficial cooperation.

PCDP can offer a full design responsibility across all disciplines in house (Architectural, Civil & Structural, Mechanical & Electrical, Plumbing & Piping, IT communication, Security system and Automation/BMS system) works, including Construction supervision.

P rofessionals

Our company has teamed up with experienced professionals with the knowledge, skills and technologies needed to provide a great deal of services for the design, construction and construction projects.
We have more than 70 full time Engineers and Architects, including 4 Consulting engineers, 18 Certified Architects, Engineers and Estimators. We supply crucial resource when it is needed, plan and control budgets and programmes and ultimately deliver the project as the client originally intended. The experience and professionalism our employees promote and encourage the exchange of ideas and the adoption of best practices techniques.

We are expanding our Tеаm with young personnal and support their education, training and continuous development.

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