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Project Management ​Services

Integrated Team

We are the Professional Project Management Team geared to providing best quality and low cost solutions for projects within our Services and formed a team having skills and techniques required for such services, implemented best practices of project management process and teamwork standards. 

We are regularly seeking the best technologies, building relationships with local and foreign Consultants, Suppliers and Manufacturers, Contractors, and Subcontractors. 

The Contract can be realized in accordance with the FIDIC standards.


Project management

  • Integration management
  • Project execution plan
  • Recourse management
  • BID document & procurement support
    –  Contract specification
    –  Contract conditions
    –  Specification & Criteria
    –  Bills of quantities (BOQ)
  • Contract management
    –  Scope control
    –  Cost, cash flow control
    –  Progress control
    –  Payment control
    –  Change management
  • Time control
  • HSE management
  • QA/QC management
  • Risk management

Construction Management

  • EPC main contractor
  • Construction management
    –  Construction plan
    –  Methodology support
    –  Supervision
  • Time management
    –  Scheduling & monitoring
    –  Look ahead
    –  Time loss mitigation
  • Cost management
    –  Quantity and cost control
    –  Cash flow schedule
    –  Change control
  • QA/QC management
    –  QA/QC plan
    –  Inspection & testing
    –  Acceptance
  • HSE management
  • Risk mitigation